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Yotsuyu App by Healing-Shuriken Yotsuyu App by Healing-Shuriken

App for :iconbudou-no-toshi: It's such a cute group. I don't know if I can get in with my ghetto traditional art ... I miss you tablet-chan ; ___ ; ..... but here's to hoping! Warning for incoming walls of text T_T 

Note: I'm sorry if her hair looks blonde D: It's not supposed to be but I have limited colours here so trying to make varied shades is rather difficult. Her hair is supposed to be brown ; v ;

I MADE IT <3 argh~~ Pls take good care of my daughter U v U and LET'S RP!!! Note me your skype/anything you prefer to RP with!! <3 <3 <3

Murakami, Yotsuyu (村上 夜露)

Nickname: She has no friends so no nickname although most people shorten her name to Tsuyu/ Tsuyu-chan. Her online handle/username from her net-idol days is Ω.

Gender: Female

Weight: 53kg

Birthday: 19/05

Blood type: A

Height: 160cm

Hair and Eye Colour: Brown

Age: 18

Grade: III

Club: Gardening and Drama


Yotsuyu was born into a well-off family as an only child, as such she was spoilt in terms of luxury and was pampered throughout her childhood days, making her inconsiderate to the need of others and the idea of sharing. She was beautiful, obedient and smart, therefore her relatives and adults liked her without her having had to earn it.However as she grew older, her classmates started to ostracize her for being selfish and unpleasant. Instead of changing her ways, Tsuyu’s pride made her convince herself that she didn’t need them and caused her to reject people who genuinely tries to befriend her throughout middle and high school, building a reputation for herself as the stuck up queen who is too good for everyone else.

It was around the same time that she decided she wanted to write for a living and got into a series of long arguments with her parents. Feeling that she doesn’t belong both in school and at home she started to turn to the internet. She made a lot of online friends and got close to a circle that urged her to try to be a net idol from a picture they saw of her. Surprisingly she was somewhat of a sleeper hit as Ω and gained a small but cult-ish group of followers and fans. This went on for a year until her parents discovered the suggestive pictures of her online and made her delete everything.

They were right in worrying as Tsuyu started receiving strange letters in the mail shortly after and started to feel like she was being constantly watched. One of her ‘fans’ had traced her to where she lived and had started to stalk her, exacerbated by the fact that both her parents are not home most of the time and that she is mostly alone at school. It got worse and worse that she started receiving notes slipped in her desk even at school from her stalker, she didn’t feel safe both at home and at school.

The last straw was when she came home one day and discovered that her house had been broken into and personal items were stolen from her room. Her parents then decided to transfer Tsuyu to Koshu, enrolling her in Yamakawa to live with her grandparents/Uncle for a while. She joined the gardening club despite her hatred for dirt and butterflies because her cousin, Souma, is there and she realized how afraid she was to be alone again.


If there is one word to describe Yotsuyu it would be regal. Tsuyu gives off an aristocrat vibe in that people often feel like she is looking down on them (which she often is) and that they are not good enough in her standards.  Her pride is her largest downfall. At her previous school she is perceived as the arrogant snob who is awkward to be around because of her lack of humour and understanding/tolerance. She’s also a clean freak as both her parents are doctors and appears high and mighty because she always questions the hygiene of everything. 

Online, however, she’s the super genki, fluffy and sweet girl who cares for her web friends a great deal. The difference is extremely jarring and this is a reflection of how she actually wishes she could be in real life but her ego won’t allow it.

Tsuyu is a very closed-off and private person who is not good at displaying affection and often just does things without saying anything to show her love (e.g randomly going behind her grandparents to massage their shoulder without a word, changing the water for the flowers without telling anyone) She wants to be accepted and is fiercely loyal to the people she loves and dreams of a strong and pure friendship.

She also understands arguments from both sides even if her pride makes her refuse to acknowledge it. Rarely admitting her own mistake and apologizing, she wishes she can be more honest and better at saying she’s sorry. In Yamakawa,
Tsuyu is currently trying very hard to be more ‘approachable’ as she doesn’t want to relive having to go through something frightening alone again, but years of being alone makes her awkward around people and clumsy with conversations. Writing words down is so much easier than saying them!

Cleanliness(bordering obsessive)
Online boards
Empty notebooks

Being ill 
Jokes about stalkers 


Mother: Murakami Haruka (Doctor-brain surgeon in Tokyo)

Father: Murakami Shun (Doctor- pediatrician in Tokyo)

Her parents are strict and wants her to become a doctor too, but since Tsuyu can’t stand the sight of blood they lowered their expectations to anything that makes a lot of money/holds high prestige. Tsuyu wanted to be an author and always has arguments with her parents regarding her future. This is one of the reason she got so involved on the internet as she feels she can really be herself without anyone restraining her. In their own way they do worry a lot about Tsuyu’s future.

Currently lives with:

Cousin: Mori Souma – Tsuyu is actually quite fond of Souma despite her harsh words. She has been pushing Bakasou around since they were kids but is protective if she feels like other people are thinking about bullying him, so as a kid she always looked forward to visiting their grandparents.
(Bakasou is :iconzentian: 's dorky son)

Aunt and Uncle: Mori Ichirou and Mori Kaede - Tsuyu is slightly awkward around them but she’s polite and helps out around the house and with their work when possible. They worry that she’s being too stiff around them and wish she’d open up a bit more.

Grandparents: Mori Himiko and Mori Masaharu- Tsuyu has a good relationship with her grandparents as they are less strict and more understanding than her own parents and they remember what food she likes/what makes her happy. Tsuyu loves them a lot and tries to go out of her way to help them/make them feel comfortable.

Additional Info:

- Washes her hands multiple times an hour and always carries her disinfecting gel with her.

- Socializes decently with older people but kids and animals often cry/growl at the sight of her.

- A daydreamer. Her deepest wish is to have a beautiful best-friends-forever type friendship where she can count on her friend to have her back.

- Very good at giving massages.

- Her writing is extremely poetic but are rather depressing.

- Her first love is her primary 6 teacher. 

- Sometimes strangers ask if they’ve met before or comment on how she looks like Ω but because of the difference in attitude and makeup/lighting, they never imagined that it was really her.
(Except for her parents… parents always knows… //shudder)

- She chose as Ω her online name as it was her form of resistance against the constraints in her life.

- Constantly complains that the internet in Koshu is slow compared to Tokyo 

- Do not ask to share food/drink from her cup/bottle/can. She will say no D: it's unhygienic! (and because of this the idea of kisses doesn't thrill her.)

- She was secretly happy to delete her photos online as she felt the net idol 
Ω persona was starting to overshadow her online presence as a writer. She wants to be noticed for her writing and not as the net-idol.

- Still keeps her web-novel running. It's not at all popular but she updates it religiously. (genre: crime/mystery)

- If you text her, sometimes her online persona seeps through in her messages. She doesn't give out her phone number easily though, as she is paranoid about security now, but you can probably obtain it one way or another Bakasou for example

Here is a short and messy not to mention not terribly relevant scene from Yotsuyu's past! (excuse the plethora of mistakes T_T and asfghfdg how do you draw guys :icontearplz: )

Page 01
Page 02
Page 03
Page 04
Page 05
Page 06
Page 07
Page 08

(Done with Fineliners and a sharpie)

Wish me luck and I hope I get the chance to RP with all you lovelies! T v T

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